Property is occupied by non-paying tenants...

Getting rid of bad rentersIf you have you rented your property out and you may have been lucky enough to be unaffected by the economy. With today’s unemployment, job losses and cuts in income even good tenants are forced to fall behind on their rent. Maybe you have been nice enough to try and give your tenants a break and work with them instead of jumping right on the eviction process, just for them to come up short again and miss the deadline you had both agreed on.

Some tenants take advantage of you and you may become a victim of “professional squatters” that tricked you into letting them rent your property and then quit paying. Even family members will abuse your goodwill and try to get that free ride. We can help you with your tenant problems.

Are you tired and have had enough of dealing with non-paying tenants, and looking to sell, if so give us a call. In most cases, we can buy your property with the tenants still in the house and deal with any problems after the closing. Get started today by submitting your property here, and we will contact you by phone or email shortly.

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