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Selling a vacant houseIf you have already moved out of your house or live out of the area, you are probably too busy to manage a vacant property. You are not alone; handling a property like that can be extremely difficult and risky. In many areas, vacant properties are targeted by thieves regularly and they make their living stealing copper piping, wires and heating and air conditioning units to sell for the copper and metal content, then they vandalize the property when they are done. When this happens you are not only losing money but also additional time working with the insurance company, and sometimes the insurance companies won’t pay if the property has been vacated. When you can’t be there to keep an eye on your property your asset can quickly turn into a liability. On top of it all, you risk the liability that you are not covered by your home owner’s insurance policy because the house is not occupied. If someone gets injured on your property you then face lawsuits which will be even more than your uncovered losses.

If your property is vacant and you are looking to sell, time is of the essence. At Murfreesboro House Buyers we can come to agreements and close quickly, if your property meets our criteria. In many cases we can close within 30 days. Start by submitting your property here, and we will contact you by phone or email shortly.

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