If you have listed your home before...

Trying to sell a houseWhen trying to sell their home, many homeowners first list their home with an agent or realtor. Unfortunately, what we have found is that most agents often don’t market the property right and they generate very few showings.

It is difficult to find the right realtor to show your home. A good portion of them are new to the real estate business, have had their license only for a few months or years and are inexperienced and don’t know the true values when they take on new listings. And they really don’t have a lot to lose, they aren't making the house payments when it isn't selling and is on the market for months and months, you are making the payments. Properly marketing a home in today’s world is a lot different than in the past when realtors just put the house on the MLS list, put an ad in the paper and stuck a sign in the yard, now with the internet there is so much more to marketing a property, but one must know how to do all the things that are required this day in time.

That’s where we come in. We are not real estate agents. With our program it allows us to buy your property directly. When we agree to meet with you, we are not looking to sell the home for you, but to buy it from you. If your home meets our buying criteria and we agree on everything you will have a signed contract within 48 hours and we can generally close fairly quickly. Start by submitting your property here, and we will contact you by phone or email shortly.

Give us a call, so that we can help you with your real estate needs quickly. (615) 806-1654

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